Pure poison: More and more experts are warning of coconut oil

Pure poison: More and more experts are warning of coconut oil

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Coconut oil controversy: Other scientists say coconut oil is a health hazard!

Coconut oil is unfairly popular. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) confirms the statement by the director of the Institute for Prevention and Tumor Epidemiology at the University Hospital Freiburg Prof. Dr. Karin Michels, according to which the oil considered superfood is "the pure poison".

We already reported here on the sensational statements made by the Freiburg scientist, which comes to the conclusion that coconut oil "is (one of the worst things you can eat)." The reason for the harsh judgment is that coconut oil is saturated fat. So it's just not a healthy alternative to butter and palm fat. On the contrary: it is "more harmful than lard!"

Prof. Michels wanted to enlighten in her million-fold YouTube lecture on the topics of nutrition and health and caused a huge controversy with her criticism of the popular cooking oil. Because the rumor that the exotic cooking oil helps you lose weight has persisted for years.

Now, however, DGE spokeswoman Antje Gahl confirms the professor's statement to the dpa news agency. The oil, which is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, contains many saturated fatty acids. These represent a health hazard that has already been proven by studies. According to Gahl, such oils increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among other things. Vegetable oils such as rapeseed, soy, olive, sunflower or linseed oil with many unsaturated fatty acids are better. (fs)

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