No cannabis for ADHD

No cannabis for ADHD

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LSG Celle: Drug is not an acceptable alternative treatment

Doctors cannot prescribe cannabis against ADHD. The benefits are controversial and cannabis is only intended for the treatment of serious diseases anyway, the State Social Court (LSG) Lower Saxony-Bremen emphasized in a decision published on Monday, December 10, 2018 (file number: L 16 KR 504/18 B ER). The drug is “no recognized alternative treatment”.

Since March 2017, doctors have been able to prescribe cannabis at the expense of statutory health insurance companies. The law requires that this promises at least relief for a “serious illness”. In addition, there must be no conventional medical alternatives or these should not be reasonable for the patient in the opinion of the doctor, for example due to severe side effects. How far thereafter the field of application of cannabis is assessed differently by the LSGs (see decisions of the Hessian LSG in Darmstadt of October 4, 2017, file number: L 8 KR 255/17 B ER and others; JurAgentur announcement from 16. November 2017).

The now 31-year-old plaintiff in the new case has depression, concentration and sleep disorders as well as an increased urge to move with partial loss of impulse control. Because of ADHD, he was initially treated with the drug Ritalin; but this caused weakness, loss of appetite and weakness.

As a result of the prescription of a controversial doctor, the plaintiff already received an exceptional permit for the purchase of medicinal cannabis flowers in 2015. The doctor has since lost his approval and the exemption has been revoked.

In May 2017, a general practitioner prescribed cannabis on a private prescription. The health insurance company rejected his application for the assumption of costs.

And rightly so, as the LSG Celle decided in a hurry. A "serious illness" is not even partially proven here. There are also considerable doubts about the benefits of cannabis in ADHD; there is no evidence so far. Conversely, the drug could even increase the symptoms and likelihood of ADHD in adulthood.

In a specific case, the diagnosis of ADHD was not even confirmed, according to the LSG in its decision of November 27, 2018. The doctor had prescribed the drug only once. He only wanted to continue the treatment that had started to clarify the matter. In the meantime, his practice has decided against further cannabis regulations. The plaintiff is completely fixated on the drug.

According to the LSG Celle, the social courts are increasingly dealing with similar lawsuits. Apparently, the possibility of prescribing cannabis created in 2017 aroused misconceptions. "Cannabis is said to alleviate serious illnesses, it is not an arbitrary treatment alternative or help for coping with everyday life," emphasized court spokesman Carsten Kreschel. mwo / fle

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