Breast cancer is not only noticeable through pain - early diagnosis saves lives

Breast cancer is not only noticeable through pain - early diagnosis saves lives

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Breast cancer: women should go to early screening regularly

Health experts say breast cancer is the most common cancer in women today. As with many other types of cancer, the chances of a cure increase the earlier the tumor is discovered. Women should therefore definitely take advantage of the offers for early detection of breast cancer.

Early detection of breast cancer can help defeat cancer and save lives. This is indicated by the health insurance company Barmer with a view to the month of breast cancer in October. According to the German Cancer Society, more than 70,000 women in Germany are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. About 17,000 patients die from the consequences. But: “Although the most common, breast cancer is usually not the most dangerous cancer in women. Recognized and treated in good time, most diseases can be cured, ”says the ONKO internet portal.

Indications of an illness

Unfortunately, breast cancer is often recognized too late. “Unlike other diseases, breast cancer is not noticeable through pain. Instead, changes in the breast and nipple as well as hardening in the breast tissue and on the lymph glands in the armpit area can indicate a disease. It is therefore extremely important that women feel their breasts themselves once a month and regularly go for early detection, ”explains Dr. Ursula Marschall, chief medical officer at Barmer in a message.

Take preventive medical checkups

The risk of breast cancer increases with age. Therefore, in addition to palpating the breasts, it is also important to have the gynecologist check-up once a year, which women over 30 can perceive once a year. Women between 50 and 69 years of age have the option of having a mammography performed in a specialized examination center every two years. "Both statutory and private health insurance cover the costs of this" check-up, "explains the cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). A healthy lifestyle can also contribute to prevention.

Rapid action is required after diagnosis

But even those who take preventive measures have no guarantee of a life without breast cancer. When cancer is diagnosed, quick action is required. As the health insurance company said, patients would be recommended a specialized breast center, where treatment options would be discussed and decided together. Regardless of the type of therapy, intensive follow-up care is always important. (ad)

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